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    • Probiotic marks dedication to global turkey growth 6 July 2021
      Feedinfo spoke to Dawn Overby, Danisco Animal Nutrition’s global segment manager for animal health about the company’s multi-strain probiotic Enviva® PRO. Turkey production might be a relatively...
    • Countering the effects of heat stress with natural betaine 1 May 2021
      Dr Janet Remus, Senior Technical Director, North America at Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF) explains how the dual action of natural betaine benefits animals experiencing heat stress and helps to...
    • Improve protein digestibility for health and performance 17 December 2020
      Undigested protein is not only costly in terms of wasted resource, it is detrimental to gut health. Including a protease in feed strategies proves successful to tackle this complex issue and...
    • New take on tackling litter management 17 December 2020
      Maintaining good litter quality is essential to poultry health and welfare but also a constant challenge. A new take on litter management using the latest probiotic technology in feed can help...
    • Intrigued by the impossible 7 December 2020
      “When the common consensus is that something can’t be done, that is when I get intrigued as a researcher,” says Dr Leon Marchal, innovation director at DuPont Animal Nutrition. He is passionate...
    • Innovation and sustainability: The best of both worlds 30 November 2020
      Animal producers face a dual challenge: cope with welfare constraints and increasingly demanding consumer needs while making sure they remain competitive and financially efficient. Are there...
    • Improved phytase efficacy unlocks extra potential 30 November 2020
      Phytases are extensively used in broiler feeds as they increase amino acid and phosphorus availability during the digestive process, thereby improving growth performance. But can phytases keep up...
    • Achieving 100% inorganic phosphate-free broiler diets from day 1 12 October 2020
      The poultry sector has made many improvements over the years to reduce its environmental impact. However, some issues remain, including the need to supplement feeds with inorganic phosphorus, an...
    • Calcium: the double-edged sword in meeting nutritional requirements 21 August 2020
      Ensuring animal feed formulas meet all nutritional requirements is particularly challenging for vital mineral elements such as calcium. Essential for bone development and a key player in several...
    • Raising the phytase podium 2 June 2020
      To improve phosphorus availability and tackle the antinutritional effects of phytates, phytases have been increasingly used in animal feeds over the past thirty years. Effective phytases are...








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