Probiotic marks dedication to global turkey growth

    Feedinfo spoke to Dawn Overby, Danisco Animal Nutrition’s global segment manager for animal health about the company’s multi-strain probiotic Enviva® PRO. Turkey production might be a relatively small segment of the overall global poultry market, but for Danisco Animal Nutrition (IFF) it is one not to be neglected. The company is currently focusing on opportunities to improve bird health and performance using its multi-strain probiotic, Enviva®PRO. Originally developed for use in broiler and layer production, Enviva®PRO’s blend of three Bacillus probiotic strains has been proven to improve feed conversion ratios, reduce growth of health-challenging bacteria and balance gut and immune function in turkeys as well. Dawn Overby explains how it works and how it supports the company’s dedication to turkey production worldwide.
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    Product / service: Probiotics
    Publication date: 06/07/2021
    Species: Turkey, Poultry
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