ESPN 2017 Pre-Conference Workshop

    Date: 25 September 2017

    DuPont hosted a seminar ‘The role of feed additives & dietary components in gut health’ just prior to the ESPN 2017 opening ceremony in May.

    This event focused on the latest research and innovation in two animal nutrition ‘hot topics’ that can have a major impact on the profitability of modern broiler production.

    The video replays the Q&A sessions as well as brief interviews with each of our guest presenters.

    An interview with Prof. Filip Van Immerseel

    An interview with Prof Roselina Angel

    Replay of the Q&A session related to Prof. Filip Van Immerseel presentation ‘Gut health – a buzzword, but what does it mean?’

    Replay of the Q&A session related to Prof. Roselina Angel presentation ‘Calcium – a pivotal piece in the phytate digestion jigsaw’


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